Scandi Style

A robust weight of vintage Scandinavian cotton for the outer design with a soft sateen lining.

Three layered cotton.  

Masks are also available with ties . If you prefer your mask with ties rather than elasticated fabric around the ears please request in the comments section when ordering.

Please note: Pattern orientation will vary from mask to mask – particularly when the pattern repeat is large like this one.

This mask is also available in a mask and matching bag set

UK shipping is FREE.

Pink Floss

Lightweight and fun this vintage fabric has all the flavour of the 1950’s.

Three layered cotton.

UK Shipping is FREE.


Avoid touching the mask while you’re wearing it

When removing the mask pull it away from your face

Plain Grey Cotton Mask

Sometimes it has to be plain and dark and this purplish/grey colour should be just the ticket!

Made from vintage French cotton with three layers. 

Ideal for wearing to school or work.

UK Shipping is FREE.


Always wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser before putting on your mask and after taking it off.




A tough vintage 1970’s abstract print cotton face mask – perfect for wearing when hard at work. Three layers of protection as usual.

Ideal for men.

Shipping is FREE


Wash your mask in soap and hot water after use.