Unicorn… (on the beach at Dungeness)

Unicorn at Dungeness

Commenced during the Lockdown of March 2020 (March 31) and completed on July 18 2020.

Mixed media painting on Fabriano hot-pressed paper. Framed in Oak.

I saw a unicorn today.

It first appeared in the far distance on the misty bay.

The dog and I stood to watch as the beast moved along the line of the outgoing tide towards us.

Sunlight shone rainbow droplets through a flying mane and flag end tail as its  thunderous hooves crashed through the gently rippling water.  As it came closer I was filled with fear; what I had thought to be a fine white horse was this wondrous creature, with its sharply pointed horn gleaming ike a sword carved from mother of pearl.

We stood stock still, frozen as the unicorn veered tumultuously towards us – passing so close that we sensed the heat from its gleaming flanks and felt the breeze in its wake.

With explosive force it mounted the shingle bank, blasting pebbles in a roaring avalanche as it clambered the steep wall of stones.

Then it was gone.

As we dazedly walked towards home and safety. I realised that it had spoken to me as it passed, burying its message in my mind.


I am powerful resourceful and emblematic.

I am the giver of life

The curer of disease

I am alone, live alone, travel alone…

I don’t exist.