When I make up a vintage piece of embroidery I often get a sense of the person who created it many years ago.

This piece is a bit different because it’s so beautiful and yet it’s unfinished…many stories have spun around as I stitch. Each ending different.

Made in the spring of life with such devotion and preparedness.

Nothing could have prepared this fine needlewoman for the future of her skillful endeavour and I hope that I have paid a suitable tribute to her by mounting the unfinished piece, along with the webbing that stretched the fabric, onto a soft pinky brown silk, using a length of frilled trim, kept for years waiting for the right project.

Whoever comes to own this beautiful piece of work, abandoned before completion,  will probably mull upon the possible tale it tells as I have…with the freedom to change its story to suit oneself.

I have added a zipper.

Wash carefully by hand with warm soap and water and spin.

Filled with down and hollowfibre

Size: 46 x 48 cm

Shipping to UK addresses for a cushion is £8.00 flat rate.